Various Artists - 'House Keys'
$12.00 - $19.00

  • Various Artists - 'House Keys'
  • Various Artists - 'House Keys'

Various Artists - 'House Keys'
$12.00 - $19.00

Released on September 30th, 2022

150 x Double CD

CD 1
Sanfeliu - Intro (originally performed by Coalfalls) [6:42]
Angharad Drake - My Happiness (originally performed by Powderfinger) [4:33]
Hanoi Traffic - The Ghost In My Eye (originally performed by Blind Girls) [2:38]
Spring Hill Walkers Club - Ethereal Whooshing (originally performed by Good Boy) [3:41]
The Holy Rollercoasters - Part Company (originally performed by The Go-Betweens) [4:33]
The Double Happiness - Footprints In The Dark (originally performed by Ancient Channels) [3:58]
Luke Cuerel & Euan Cumming - Kryptonite (originally performed by Sahara Beck) [5:28]
Edith Thomas Furey - Stranglin’ You Too (originally performed by Slug Guts) [6:38]
Smelly Chops - Up In The Air (originally performed by Sekiden) [2:44]
Glows - The Way I Made You Feel (originally performed by Ed Kuepper) [4:17]

Joseph Rabjohns - Prelude (originally performed by Big Dead) [3:13]
Fingerless - Charlie (originally performed by The Pineapples From The Dawn Of Time) [4:47]
Greshka - Chasing Grasshoppers (originally performed by Doch) [6:19]
Cloud Tangle - Thankful Tangle (originally performed by McKisko) [3:46]
The Steady As She Goes - Beat Myself (originally performed by Sixfthick) [4:38]
Shugorei - Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit (originally performed by Gina G) [3:32]
Fae - My Grandma Was Pearl Hall (originally performed by The Middle East) [5:14]
DARLING. - Coming Down (originally performed by Ball Park Music) [3:28]
We Set Sail - I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am (originally performed by Regurgitator) [3:49]
Lite Fails - Back To The Flood (originally performed by Blank Realm) [7:01]
Bronwen Gray - The End (originally performed by Hits) [4:46]

Total playing time: 1 hr 35 mins

Listen to the album -

House Keys is a compilation of cover songs featuring south east QLD artists paying tribute to south east QLD artists.

Magnitudes of gratitude go out to everyone who contributed to this release.

All proceeds from this album go with love to 4ZZZ community radio.

Artwork by Peter Lambie (@choppychopkins)

Overall master by Andrew Garton

Curated by 4000 Records

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