fhae - 'sombre thorax'
$8.00 - $14.00

  • fhae - 'sombre thorax'
  • fhae - 'sombre thorax'
  • fhae - 'sombre thorax'
  • fhae - 'sombre thorax'

fhae - 'sombre thorax'
$8.00 - $14.00

Released March 30th, 2023

40 x cassette

01. soul [3:05]
02. man [4:21]
03. body [2:56]
04. drain [4:45]
05. love you [2:54]
06. earth [2:48]
07. stuck [2:30]
08. riddle [2:34]
09. comb [2:09]
10. heard [2:03]
11. emergency [3:39]
12. disappoint [4:19]

Total playing time: 38 minutes

Listen to the album - https://4000.fanlink.to/sombre-thorax

Still very early on in their musical journey, Ellena is on a constant quest to learn, collect and create new, unique and low budget DIY ways to capture interesting sounds. Currently, their recording setup is completely run off GarageBand, with the aid of an iRig and several adapters for vocals and guitar. As unorthodox as it is, the simplicity of this approach strips away the potential to overwork their music and to force them to face the essence of what they are trying to convey.

Heralded by singles 'love you' and 'earth', 'sombre thorax' is a turbulent pilgrimage through Ellena's adolescence.

This journey is exemplified through songs like ‘earth’ - a lyrically improvised track steeped in an ordinary moment, sitting cozy on a bed, staring out the window. ‘man’ is an unfettered tale of a contemptible act that took place at a party when they were 14 while ‘emergency’ is a pean to heavy pain medication and a “grumbly appendix”. ‘heard’ exhibits a more playful and sprightly side to fhae with the album as a whole being a bantam triumph of bedroom experimentation, layered guitar architecture and unshackled lyrical methods.

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