Morbal Trusk - 'Here Cometh The Necrowizard'

  • Morbal Trusk - 'Here Cometh The Necrowizard'
  • Morbal Trusk - 'Here Cometh The Necrowizard'
  • Morbal Trusk - 'Here Cometh The Necrowizard'
  • Morbal Trusk - 'Here Cometh The Necrowizard'
  • Morbal Trusk - 'Here Cometh The Necrowizard'
  • Morbal Trusk - 'Here Cometh The Necrowizard'

Morbal Trusk - 'Here Cometh The Necrowizard'

Edition of 18 numbered cassettes, in three variations
6 x cassettes have been cursed (red)
6 x cassettes have been blasphemed unto (white)
6 x cassettes have been tormented (black)

Released November 13th, 2020

Inspired by the great Acoustic Black Metal movement of the late 90s, in particular Seth Putnam and Josh Martin's Impaled Northern Moonforest, Morbal Trusk was stirred to try and replicate their exceedingly lo-fi and brutal stylings but fell short; it was simply impossible to create anything as trve and kvlt as INM.

Instead, another beast entirely exuded forth. On top of the acoustic guitar, knee slaps and vocals formula canonised by INM, Morbal Trusk introduced the elements of percussive pots, pans and tupperware, organ, spoons, bass and even the odd horn. The result is something as equally aversive but arguably more melodic, with some passages even invoking delightful whimsy.

This release came to be as I (John) was a fan of INM back in their heyday and came across Morbal Trusk's offerings in 2007 as a result of some late night internet rabbit-holing. Upon learning they were also from Brisbane I reached out to let them to say how much I enjoyed their take on the genre. We had a few odd email exchanges and that was it.

In early 2020 I was revisiting some of their recordings and on a whim tried their old email. As luck would have it, it was still in use and after many more interesting exchanges, here we are, with Morbal Trusk's first official release!

The material on this album has been taken from the six DIY demo releases produced between March 2007 and February 2008.

'Rob's Rissoles' was a random one-off recording made in 2012.

The identity of Morbal Trusk is unknown.
My request for lyrics has been denied, twice.
This is everything I know about the project.*

Track list:
1. This Heat Greatly Displeases Me
2. Elephant Carcass Rowboat
3. Grim Goat And The Necromammoth's Journey To The Trve Circle
4. Punched In The Face With A Severed Fist
5. I, Demon
6. Blasphemous Daggers In The Chests Of The Untrve As The Necrowizard Looks On Atop His Grim And Very Very Very Very Very Frostbitten Mountain Cave
7. Cataclysmic Shrubbery
8. Inverted Crvcifixes Made From The Grim Trees Of The Unholy Necrowoods
9. The Day (I: Awake / II: Paralysed By Fear / III: Asleep)
10. Church Of Satan
11. Coathanger Traecheotomy
12. Chicken + Witch
13. Bourgeoise Bulletfist
14. Your Last Breathe Is In A Jar At My Bedside
15. Fearless Frank And Fretful Freddy Feature At Frauline Fran's Free Fondue And Frappé Festival For Freaks, Flappers, Fornicators And Fist Bumpers
16. Feast Of Blood From The Teet Of The Necrowizard
17. Wilt And Wane In The Willowing Winds Of Worry And Whim
18. This Chill Greatly Displeases Me
19. The Necrowizard's Inverted Trve Obelisk That Towers At The Centre Of The Very Frostbitten Cave Of Gnarledge
20. Tupperhorror
21. Cattle Destroyer
22. Rob's Rissoles

Total playing time: 43 minutes

Listen to the album and watch the video for 'Chickens + Witch' here -

*Actually I do know one last thing - the first two demos were recorded using an iRiver T10 mp3 player...

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